module Athena::DependencyInjection


Athena's Dependency Injection (DI) component, ADI for short, adds a service container layer to your project. This allows a project to share useful objects, aka services, throughout the project. These objects live in a special struct called the ADI::ServiceContainer (SC). Object instances can be retrieved from the container, or even injected directly into types as a form of constructor DI.

The SC is lazily initialized on fibers; this allows the SC to be accessed anywhere within the project. The ADI.container method will return the SC for the current fiber. Since the SC is defined on fibers, it allows for each fiber to have its own SC. This can be useful for web frameworks as each request would have its own SC scoped to that request. This however, is up to the each project to implement.

NOTE It is highly recommended to use interfaces as opposed to concrete types when defining the initializers for both services and non-services. Using interfaces allows changing the functionality of a type by just changing what service gets injected into it. See this blog post for an example of this.

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def self.container : ADI::ServiceContainer #

Returns the ADI::ServiceContainer for the current fiber.

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