class Athena::Serializer::SerializationContext


The ASR::Context specific to serialization.

Allows specifying if nil values should be serialized.

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Instance Method Summary

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add_exclusion_strategy(strategy : ASR::ExclusionStrategies::ExclusionStrategyInterface) : self add_exclusion_strategy, direction : ASR::Context::Direction direction, exclusion_strategy : ASR::ExclusionStrategies::ExclusionStrategyInterface? exclusion_strategy, groups : Array(String)? groups, groups=(groups : Array(String)) : self groups=, version : SemanticVersion? version, version=(version : String) : self version=

Instance Method Detail

def direction : ASR::Context::Direction #
Description copied from class Athena::Serializer::Context

Returns which (de)serialization action self represents.

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def emit_nil=(emit_nil : Bool) #

If nil values should be serialized.

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def emit_nil? : Bool #

If nil values should be serialized.

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