struct Athena::Validator::Constraints::Callback::Value(T)


Wrapper type to allow passing arbitrarily typed values as arguments in the AVD::Constraints::Callback::CallbackProc.

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Instance Method Summary

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Constructor methods inherited from struct Athena::Validator::Constraints::Callback::ValueContainer

new new

Constructor Detail

def : T) #

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Instance Method Detail

def ==(other) : Bool #
Description copied from struct Struct

Returns true if this struct is equal to other.

Both structs's instance vars are compared to each other. Thus, two structs are considered equal if each of their instance variables are equal. Subclasses should override this method to provide specific equality semantics.

struct Point
  def initialize(@x : Int32, @y : Int32)

p1 = 1, 2
p2 = 1, 2
p3 = 3, 4

p1 == p2 # => true
p1 == p3 # => false

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def clone #

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def copy_with(value _value = @value) #

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def get(as _t : T.class) : T forall T #

Returns the value as T.

If used inside a AVD::Constraints::Callback@class-method.

# Get the wrapped value as the type of the current class.
object = value.get self

If used inside a AVD::Constraints::Callback@procsblocks.

# Get the wrapped value as the expected type.
value = value.get Int32

# Alternatively, can use normal Crystal semantics for narrowing the type.
value = value.value

case value
when Int32 then "value is Int32"
when String then "value is String"

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def value : T #

Macro Detail

macro method_missing(call) #

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