module Athena::Validator::Metadata::GenericMetadata

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cascading_strategy : AVD::Metadata::CascadingStrategy cascading_strategy, constraints : Array(AVD::Constraint) constraints, find_constraints(group : String) : Array(AVD::Constraint) find_constraints

Instance Method Detail

def add_constraint(constraint : AVD::Constraint) : AVD::Metadata::GenericMetadata #

Adds the provided constraint to self's #constraints array.

Sets #cascading_strategy to AVD::Metadata::CascadingStrategy::Cascade if the constraint is AVD::Constraints::Valid.

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def add_constraints(constraints : Array(AVD::Constraint)) : AVD::Metadata::GenericMetadata #

Adds each of the provided constraints to self.

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def cascading_strategy : AVD::Metadata::CascadingStrategy #

Returns the AVD::Metadata::CascadingStrategy for self.

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def constraints : Array(AVD::Constraint) #

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def find_constraints(group : String) : Array(AVD::Constraint) #

Returns an array of all constraints in the provided group.

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