struct Athena::Validator::Violation::ConstraintViolation(Root)


Basic implementation of AVD::Violation::ConstraintViolationInterface.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from module Athena::Validator::Violation::ConstraintViolationInterface

cause : String? cause, code : String? code, constraint : AVD::Constraint? constraint, invalid_value invalid_value, message : String message, message_template : String? message_template, parameters : Hash(String, String) parameters, plural : Int32? plural, property_path : String property_path, root root, to_json(builder : JSON::Builder) : Nil to_json, to_s(io : IO) : Nil to_s

Constructor Detail

def : String, message_template : String?, parameters : Hash(String, String), root : Root, property_path : String, invalid_value_container : AVD::Container, plural : Int32? = nil, code : String? = nil, constraint : AVD::Constraint? = nil, cause : String? = nil) #

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Instance Method Detail

def ==(other : self) : Bool #

Returns true if other is the same as self, otherwise false.

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def cause : String? #

Returns the cause of the violation.

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def code : String? #

Returns a unique machine readable error code representing self. All constraints of a specific "type" should have the same code.

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def constraint : AVD::Constraint #

Returns the AVD::Constraint whose validation caused the violation, if any.

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def constraint? : AVD::Constraint? #


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def invalid_value #

Returns the value that caused the violation.

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def message : String #

Returns the violation message.

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def message_template : String? #

Returns the raw violation message.

The message template contains placeholders for the parameters returned via #parameters.

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def parameters : Hash(String, String) #

Returns the parameters used to render the #message_template.

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def plural : Int32? #

Returns a number used to pluralize the violation message.

The returned value is used to determine the right plurlaization form.

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def property_path : String #

Returns the path from the root element to the violation.

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def root : Root #

Returns the element originally passed to the validator.

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def to_json(builder : JSON::Builder) : Nil #

Returns a JSON representation of self.

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def to_s(io : IO) : Nil #

Returns a string representation of self.

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